Leona Jo 

Natural Life Coach & Practitioner


Helping You to Create the Life You Desire

Natural Healing From Within

Hello, I'm Leona Jo,

I am a passionate healer with an alternative natural approach; helping create positive change.


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I have always had a passion for helping others. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved bringing joy to others; whether it was lending a hand, making them something to help them feel better, playing cards/games, or  just listening. This is what lead me to the gratifying  path that I am on...helping others to have the amazing, abundant, health and wellness lifestyle they are meant to have. Natural Healing from Within.

DIY with Leona Jo Natural Health & Wellness was created for people who what to

•Reduce Stress and Anxiety

•Empower their lives and Create Positive Change

• Live a Wellness Lifestyle

• Share and embrace the Health & Wellness Lifestyle

• Find simple, self-directed, naturally sourced solutions

• Live empowered in their daily lives

• Bring hope, heal hearts, raise leaders, and live dreams

I am a professional Reiki Master & Animal Reiki, Natural Health & Wellness Coach, Ho'oponopono Practitioner, Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner, Natural Herbalist, Essential Oils Specialist, Wellness Advocate and I have been in Natural Health Care since 2007.






In what ways was this session healing to you: 
The empowering of my beliefs, bringing them to the forefront and manifesting them into action.
I felt amazing due to this session with Leona, and would certainly recommend others to try this.
The experience I had was truly amazing. J. Harrison
In what ways was this session healing to you:
Therapists get you to talking about thoughts, but they don't show you what to do with them.
With Leona I learned how to process my thoughts.
After just one session with Leona I learned how to bring my thoughts back into joy when I am down.
This has been very helpful. JC
In what ways was this session healing to you: 
Released a lot of negative energy that was draining my. SW