What are the Cards Telling You!?

Recording your readings in a journal may help reveal key patterns in your life,
as well as improved mindfulness.

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Card Reading Journal

This 6” X 9” (15 x 23cm) Card Reading Journal is designed to be the perfect companion for your card reading journey. With this journal, you can keep track of your daily card readings and reflection to keep a record of the cards drawn, your reading, and the outcomes. Keeping track of your journey helps you stay in touch with your intuition and divine guidance and track your spiritual growth and other outcomes that may help over the years to come.

Daily readings help reveal key patterns in your life and to develop greater powers of self-discover, as well as improved mindfulness in the focus and reflection of your readings.

With my Bonus Free eBook (Suitable for all types of emotional work), you will learn how to simply add essential oils for a deeper connection, how to create your own unique blends, what oils help to connect to certain emotions, and more. Features quick reference chart, how to use essential oils for emotions, how create your own blends, benefits of using essential oils, and more.

Beautifully illustrated Card Reading Journal Features:

o 113 pages to record your card reading sessions with spaces for date & time of reading, mood/energy level, moon phase, deck used, card revealed, type of spread, reader, seeker, questions asked, draw or write the card(s) drawn, interpretations, and more

o Bonus Free eBook “Card Reading & Essential Oils – Benefits of Using Essential Oils & How to Simply Include Them”

o Premium cream paper pages, with easy-to-use clutter-free layouts

o Stylish & professionally designed paperback cover

o This Card Reading Journal is an inspirational tool to use for Oracle or Tarot enthusiasts from beginners to advanced readings

o Be motivated to do your daily reading with this beautifully laid design

o An amazing gift for anyone using Oracle or Tarot cards, new or experienced.

o Journals are the perfect gift for any occasion, particularly as a Birthday or Christmas gift

Please note: This is a journal to keep note of your readings and has no instructions as to how to read the cards.


Card Reading & Essential Oils

Benefits of Using Essential Oils & How to Simply Include them


Essential oils & plant medicine have been used

to help in the healing process for decades. Essential oils

are not just pretty smells, and not just used for cleaning,

or to help with healing the physical body.

Aromatic use of essential oils can help emotionally;

enhance intuition & spiritual awareness;

calm or invigorate; and so much more.

In this eBook you will learn emotional connections

and essential oils, how simple it is to use

essential oils, and how easy it is to

make your own blends.


eBook Features:

Benefit of essential oils

Precautions for Expectant/Lactating Mothers,

Children, and sensitive skin

How to use them

How to create your own special blends

Essential Oils Emotions Chart

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